Friday, July 19, 2013

On Mac, only Firefox can PDF without page breaks

An alternative to nbconvert for IPython Notebook is to specify a long custom page size, such as 8.5"x60". This will work for any web page, not just IPython Notebooks. But on a Mac, this option has been removed from Safari 6 and is not available on the current Chrome version. Firefox still lets you, however:

  1. In the Firefox drop-down menu, select File->Page Setup->Paper Size->Manage Custom Sizes...
  2. In the Custom Paper Sizes dialog, click the "+" button beneath the list box on the left to add a new custom paper size.
  3. Click the newly created name to change the name to something meaningful.
  4. Change the Paper Size Height to something like 60 inches and click OK.
  5. As normal, from the Firefox menu select File->Print and then in the Print dialog click PDF->Save as PDF.

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