Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free book excerpt: Semi-Supervised Learning With GraphX

Manning Publications has made available for free an excerpt from my book Spark GraphX In Action. The excerpt is entitled Poor Man’s Training Data: Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning and shows how to:
  • Construct a graph from a collection of points using a K-Nearest Neighbors Graph Construction algorithm (not to be confused with KNN machine learning prediction, which actually gets used below)
  • Do the above in a way optimized for distributed computing.
  • Propagate labels to unlabeled nodes to achieve semi-supervised learning.
  • Make predictions from the trained model (using conventional KNN machine learning prediction)
And as part of Manning's site-wide MEAP sale for Cyber Monday week, the MEAP is 50% off today using the code dotd120115.
My co-author, Robin East, and I just finished the second draft this past weekend, so the print version should be available in 2016Q1.

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